15 Types of Food Perfect For Hair Growth

This article is perfect for you if you are suffering from reduced hair growth or even hair loss. It’s surprising how many people are suffering from this phenomenon. Many people claim hair problems are caused by preservatives, MSG, meat, pollution, and even the depleted ozone layer. But of course, there are also other factors in play like your genetics, exercise, and age. Apart from regular exercise, a good diet can be key to stop premature aging as well as hair problems. To help you improve your nutritional status we have collected a list of 15 superfoods that can help you promote hair growth and combat hair loss.

The protein keratin is the main source of our hair follicles and eggs are a perfect source of it. Not only that, but eggs also offers plenty of biotin, zinc, and selenium which makes it a valuable part of our diet. The mentioned biotin has the effect of helping your body convert different forms of protein to keratin. All these aspects make eggs a great part of your diet if you are striving for more beautiful hair. Open Next Page To See More …


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