This is why your perfume says more about your personality than you think

Rose Scents

Are you someone who carefully plans and evaluates every decision with care? Are you described as sensitive, thoughtful, and empathetic? People with these traits put others before themselves and are highly compassionate, considerate, and gentle. If you fall into this category, you probably love rose-scented perfumes and great options for you would be English Rose Perfume by Yardley London and Roses de Chloé by Chloé.

Lavender Scents

Lavender is most often preferred by extroverts and social people who are easygoing, and love being around people. If you find that a social setting is where you’re most comfortable while listening and learning about other peoples’ lives, then you may find you are attracted to lavender scents. Lavender represents those who are friendly and love being engaged and involved with others. If this sounds like you then try these perfumes, Libre by Yves Saint Laurent, and Obsessed by Calvin Klein.


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