This is the brilliant reason why you should pour dish soap in your toilet!


It’s almost an impulse to run and get the plunger but it’s a tool that doesn’t always do the job properly and it’s not the easiest or cleanest way to resolve the issue. There’s also the option of drowning the loo in strong chemicals but that’s expensive and not a great choice for the environment.

Where do you turn to next? Dish soap!

Dish Soap

Really? Dish soap? Yes, it is that simple. Just arm yourself with dish soap from the kitchen and some warm water. Pour in a good dose of dish soap into the toilet and observe how it makes its way down to the bottom. Next, you will need to add the warm water (not too hot!) and make sure you fill the whole toilet bowl.

Go make yourself a cup of tea and let the dish soap do its trick for about half an hour. The water will eventually go down and work its way through the blockage. Then you can flush the toilet and notice it’s totally unclogged!


If you’re having clogged toilet issues on a regular basis then apply this nifty trick more often as a preventative measure and maintain a healthy flushing system!


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