This is what a foot bath with vinegar can do for you

With a vinegar bath, you can remedy some common ailments

We often don’t pay much attention to our feet until the sandal season arrives or we get an itch between our toes. Have you neglected your feet a little too long, and is it time to remedy this? Just give yourself a good pedicure at home with water and vinegar. You can read instructions on how to do this below.

Reduce swimmer’s eczema

Eczema is a common fungal infection on the foot, and occurs mainly on the sole and in between the toes. Contrary to what the name suggests, the infection is picked up not only from swimming pools, but also from other places, if you walk around barefoot. This fungal infection can lead to dry, flakey and itchy skin, or even inflammation and blisters. Due to the anti-fungal action of vinegar, this strong-smelling substance can help treat the fungal infection. Regularly bathing your feet in this beneficial solution can reduce symptoms and manage the infection.

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