18 Ways to Lose Weight Fast

How These Women Overcame Their Dieting Frustrations and Lost 130 Pounds!

At some point, every woman wants to lose weight, and doing so typically gets annoying fast. From the ups and down to the hunger they feel by starving themselves. At some point it becomes too much. Between the recipe fatigue and diet soda cravings it makes you want to flip over a table.

However, there is hope. The women featured here, have been successful in speeding up their weight loss using simple ticks that shed the pounds off quickly.

1. Walk the Dog

“I take me dog for a walk every morning. Even if it’s just for 15 minutes and around my block. When the weather isn’t playing nice my pup is still excited to go out. It’s her enthusiasm that pushes me to keep going. All that walking really added up for me. Since starting, I’ve been able to lose over 50 lbs.” Danni Altz, Denver, CO


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